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Essential knowledge for the science
and practice of pharmacy

Applied Pharmaceutical Practice

First edition

Christopher A Langley - Senior Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice, Aston University School of Pharmacy and Dawn Belcher - Teaching Fellow, Pharmacy Practice, Aston University School of Pharmacy

Applied Pharmaceutical Practice guides the student pharmacist and pharmacy technician through the steps involved in pharmaceutical dispensing. It is ideal as a companion to the compulsory dispensing courses found in all undergraduate MPharm programmes and the equivalent technical training courses.

Contents include:
  • medicines classification and standard operating procedures
  • NHS supply in the community and within hospitals
  • non-NHS supply
  • controlled drugs
  • emergency supply
  • patient counselling and communication
  • poisons and spirits
This practical textbook contains useful exercises with an answers section and numerous examples. It is written by authors with extensive experience within the field.
1. Introduction and the Basics of Medicines Supply
2. NHS Supply in the Community 1
3. NHS Supply in the Community 2
4. NHS Supply Within Hospitals
5. Non-NHS Supply
6. Controlled Drugs
7. Emergency Supply
8. Patient Counselling and Communication 1
9. Patient Counselling and Communication 2
10. Poisons and Spirits

2013, BPSA

"Fantastic book...The topics are relevant for student pharmacists, newly qualified pharmacists and everything in between...

...The book explains all of the concepts necessary to make an informed choice when dealing with problems. The patient counselling section has particularly helped me during my pre-reg year, firstly in OSCEs, but more importantly ensuring I give understandable information to patients on the range of dosage forms discussed in the book. The whole book in general helps me, as a hospital pre-reg, as it discusses many of the problems one may come across in community which I do not have much experience at...

...I would buy this book and I have already recommended it to student technicians at the hospital I work at...One of the reasons for recommendation is that I have found it very helpful at providing practical information that is not particularly explained well in other books."

Philip Newland-Jones, Preregistration Pharmacist,

21-Mar-09, The Pharmaceutical Journal

"This is an excellent book...this book covers all current key issues concerning pharmacy. I am not aware of any book in the current market that could compare with this one"

Halima Katune, The Pharmaceutical Journal, Volume 282, 21 March 2009

30-Jan-09, Doody's Notes

"The book meets its objectives with practical presentations of various real-time pharmacist activities...this book provides some very specific information relating to the National Health Service in the UK and highlights detail-orientated requirements for the practice of pharmacy in that country."

Patrick J. McDonnell, PharmD, Doody's Notes, 30th January 2009

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ISBN 978 0 85369 746 6

Published Sep 2008

246 x 189mm (304pp)