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FASTtrack: Managing Symptoms in the Pharmacy

Second edition

Alan Nathan - Freelance pharmacy writer and consultant, London, UK

FASTtrack: Managing Symptoms in the Pharmacy focuses on what you really need to know in order to pass exams. Concise, bulleted information, key points, tips and an all-important self-assessment section, this book includes MCQs, case studies, sample essay questions and worked examples.

Addressing all common ailments, organised by system in alphabetical order, FASTtrack: Managing Symptoms in the Pharmacy provides all the essential information needed for managing symptoms presented in the pharmacy. This new edition has been revised and updated and includes new self-assessment questions and a new chapter on menstrual disorders.

Are your exams coming up? Are you drowning in textbooks and lecture notes and wondering where to begin? Take the FASTtrack route to successful study for your examinations.

FASTtrack provides the ultimate lecture notes and is a must-have for all pharmacy students wanting to study and test themselves for forthcoming exams.

FASTtrack: Managing Symptoms in the Pharmacy is also available as an ebook.

1. Introduction


2. Cardiovascular Conditions

Central Nervous System

3. Motion Sickness

4. Pain

Eye and Ear

5. Ear Problems

6. Eye Conditions

Foot Conditions

7. Athlete's Foot

8. Foot (podiatric) Problems

9. Fungal Nail Infection

10. Veruccas and Warts


11. Constipation

12. Diarrhoea

13. Haemorrrhoids (piles)

14. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

15. Indigestion

16. Mouth Ulcers


17. Head Lice

18. Scabies

19. Threadworm


20. Musculoskeletal Conditions

21. Common Cold and Influenza

22. Cough

23. Hayfever

24. Nicotine Replacement Therapy


25. Acne

26. Cold Sores

27. Eczema/dermatitis

28. Fungal Skin Conditions

29. Scalp Conditions

Women's Conditions

30. Cystitis

31. Menstrual Disorders - Dysmenorrhoea and Menorrhagia

32. Emergency Hormonal Contraception (EHC)

33. Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

34. Vaginal Thrush

Adobe PDF Sample chapter (3202 KB)

May 2013, Doody's Notes

"A good basic reference for practicing outpatient or ambulatory care pharmacists that addresses ailments that they may see as well as how to treat them...

...The book's organization and concise presentation make it a quick read and reference. It provides good explanations of treatment without scaring readers off with too much technical detail. Unique features that contribute to the value of the book include the case studies..., the specific criteria for when a patient should be referred to a practitioner, and the emergency care information where appropriate."

Anastasia Shields, BS, PharmD, Doody's Notes, May 2013

June 2013

"It is a comprehensive textbook. Helpful to students to remember the concept in-relation to common clinical disease state conditions with well prepared short case studies followed by a few MCQs."

Dr Praveen Bhugra, University of Sunderland, June 2013

From the reviews of the previous edition:

'I would recommend the majority of the content to any New Zealand pharmacy undergraduate, intern, pharmacy assistant or community pharmacist wanting a concise reference of the causes and treatments of most of the symptoms they are likely to face in their day-to-day practice.'
Jenny McElroy. New Zealand Pharmacy, March 2008

'Aimed at pre-registration trainees, this comprehensive book gives a fantastic overview of the symptoms that could be presented to a pharmacist on a daily basis. It is set out in a very structured manner that makes it both easy to read and effortless to commit its contents to memory. It is also jargon free with good explanations of terms that could be difficult to understand. I would highly recommend this book as a valuable resource for both undergraduate students and practicing pharmacists.'
Julie Atkinson, Student, Keele University. Chemist and Druggist. Published online 12 March 2008

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FASTtrack: Managing Symptoms in the Pharmacy





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ISBN 978 0 85711 060 2

Published May 2012

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FASTtrack: Managing Symptoms in the Pharmacy

All the essential information you need for managing symptoms presented in...

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