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Essential knowledge for the science
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The Science and Practice of Pharmacy

22nd edition

Editor-In-Chief Loyd V Allen, Jr

For more than 100 years, Remington: The Science and Practice of Pharmacy has been the definitive pharmacy reference. It covers the entire scope of pharmacy education from the history of pharmacy and ethics to the particulars of industrial pharmacy and pharmacy practice, making Remington the career companion all pharmacists should have. This 22nd edition has been fully revised and updated with an array of new content and is available in print, and online via MedicinesComplete.

Changes in the 22nd edition:

  • Content reorganised
  • New two-volume format for easy reference
  • New international focus to reflect the global importance of the book
  • Chapters fully revised and updated by many new contributors
  • Updated illustrations and photos
  • Revitalised monograph section that features selected Martindale content
  • Expanded practice section and chapters added on cutting-edge topics

Remington for teaching, training and research - the pharmacy education reference

  • The history of pharmacy
  • Ethics in pharmacy
  • Particulars of industrial pharmacy and pharmacy practice
  • Use it to inform the development of new research projects and as an entry into new areas of pharmacy

Remington for practice

In industry:

  • An invaluable resource to verify facts and refresh on basics
  • An authoritative primary source when preparing forensic statements
  • An essential point of reference for drug formulators and research workers

In healthcare:

  • A must-have for community pharmacists in retail or hospital environments
  • A reliable source of trusted information for compounding pharmacists

Part I: The Science of Pharmacy

Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Section 3: Pharmaceutical Analysis and Quality Control

Section 4: Pharmaceutics

Section 5: Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms: Manufacturing and Compounding

Section 6: Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics

Monographs: Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Agents

Part II: The Practice of Pharmacy

Section 7: Fundamentals of Pharmacy Practice

Section 8: The Scope of Pharmacy Practice

Section 9: Social, Behavioral, Economic, and Administrative Sciences

Section 10: Patient Care.

Adobe PDF Sample chapter (1120 KB)


"Naturally I rate Remington very highly and I routinely bring the hard copy to lectures to recommend this book as a global text and I bring it to labs to allow it to be used along side BPC, BP and the USP to search for drug and excipient monographs. Students sit with copies of the text before practicals searching for information. It is evident that my students see Remington as a trusted source because they will quote Remington in meetings for case studies, labs and in lectures...My overall impression of 22 is very positive, I feel the editor and authors have updated the text in line with developments in pharmaceutics with important sections on the biopharmaceutics classification system and modern drug discovery sections. Based on my reading of the text over the last month i've noticed that the authors have given us some details of what direction research might be leading towards and so this text might also be recommended to research scientists...When students ask me I recommend Remington above all other books"

Dr Sam Maher, Lecturer in Pharmaceutics, RCSI. 9 November 2012

Doody's Notes, Nov-2012

"The 22nd edition of one of the most respected and comprehensive references in the field of pharmacy for the past 100 years manages to balance the traditional aspects of pharmacy with the expanding needs of current clinical pharmacists...This edition has undergone significant changes to maintain relevancy, adding new chapters organising drug monographs for better accessibility...this is a key reference for pharmacy students, researchers, pharmacists, and clinicians...Chapters on topics such as the drug approval process and pharmaceutical calculations are useful for students just learning as well as pharmacists looking to review these areas...This edition succeeds at providing information for a variety of readers, including students, researchers, and clinicians alike. Score - 5 stars."

Melissa M. Ranieri, BS, PharmD, Doody's Notes, November 2012


"As a student, the science of pharmacy volume is invaluable as a quick reference source, as well as a useful basis for an essay, lab report or other university work...The practice section is also very relevant for students, as well as the wider pharmacy world, as a good reference source for anything from pharmacists and public health, to professional communications or patient it covers so many topics, and comes with free online access, I think it's good value for money."

Charlotte Goodwin, British Pharmaceutical Students Association, October 2012

Updates and corrections to the 22nd edition in print of Remington: The Science and Practice of Pharmacy can be seen below (documents are in PDF format):

The Health Collaboration Model

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ISBN 978 0 85711 062 6

Published Sep 2012

275 x 210mm (3024pp)

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