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Minor Illness or Major Disease? eBook


Brian Addison (Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice, Robert Gordon University), Alyson Brown, Ruth Edwards and Gwen Gray

As well as the usual interactivity offered by your specific device, Minor Illness or Major Disease? eBook ePub and mobi versions feature:
  • Intuitive hyperlinks: so you can switch between question, answer, text and images seamlessly.
  • Enlarge images: no more squinting zoom in on the full colour images to take a better look (as long as your platform allows colour images)

ePub only:

  • Chapter summary: skip straight to the section you need to study with a detailed content listing at the start of each chapter.

Please note: all interactivity has been tested on Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Fire and iPad. If you are using another device or the Kindle app on another device, we cannot guarantee the functionality as described above.

Minor Illness or Major Disease? is a well-established undergraduate textbook covering the diagnosis and management of the illnesses and diseases frequently encountered in community pharmacy practice. It aids the pharmacist in responding to symptoms and differentiating between minor illnesses which can be safely managed in the pharmacy, and major diseases that require referral to a medical practitioner.

This new edition has been completely revised and restructured by a new team of authors with a foreword by all four UK chief pharmaceutical officers.

The fifth edition:

  • arranges the illnesses in BNF chapter order to facilitate easy cross reference
  • includes a chapter on nutrition
  • utilises a problem-based learning approach
  • has trigger cases, management options, pharmacists and General Practitioner opinions, self assessment questions, summary of key points and key referral criteria.

Minor Illness or Major Disease? is an invaluable book for pharmacy undergraduate and pre-registration students. It serves as an essential aid to all community pharmacists.

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1. Introduction

2. Gastrointestinal Illnesses

3. Respiratory System

4. Central Nervous System

5. Infections and Infestations

6. Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Urinary System

7. Eyes, Ears and Oral Health

8. Nutrition

9. Dermatology

May-2012, BPSA e-newsletter

"The book is, thankfully, easily navigable and readable, and thus of great benefit in quick referral, it additionally allow for self-assessment with use of a series of reflective questions to encourage learning not only as an undergraduate but as a qualified professional...The authorship is comprehensible and non-patronising, with further counseling options also noted within specific chapters linking the core scientific knowledge to practical reality.

Grace Hatton, BPSA Eastern Area Coordinator, BPSA e-newsletter, May 2012

May-2012, Doody's Notes

"an excellent introductory chapter explaining the role of pharmacists in the community...The book makes use of handy, user-friendly tables, chapter summaries and other features...This would be a useful companion book for those studying pharmacy and it could be helpful in course work in ambulatory care and /or used as a supplement for students in their ambulatory and /or community practice experiences"

Patrick J. McDonnell, Pharm.D., Doody's Notes, May 2012

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Minor Illness or Major Disease
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ISBN 978 0 85711 073 2

Published Jan 2012

eBook 256pp

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Minor Illness or Major Disease?

This well-established book helps you differentiate between minor illnesses which can...

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