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Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference

Thirty-eighth edition

Edited by Alison Brayfield

Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference provides reliable, unbiased and evaluated information on drugs and medicines used throughout the world. Based on published information and extensively referenced, Martindale develops as the body of knowledge on existing drugs grows. The most clinically relevant and appropriate information is evaluated and selected from reliable published sources.

Unique Benefits:
  • Breadth: No other source has breadth of coverage or level of detail making it the ideal firstline reference work as well as a trusted source of information for more detailed drug enquiries
  • Global coverage: Martindale is the leading resource in terms of international coverage alternative publications have a narrow regional focus
  • Objectivity: Respected for the accuracy of content and independence from pharmaceutical industry. Based on published information and extensively referenced
  • International adoption: Recognised and adopted worldwide

This package contains two hardback volumes presented in a slipcase with:
  • Over 6,000 (and over 7,000 online) drug monographs
  • Over 180,000 (and over 240,000 online) preparations
  • Over 54,000 reference citations
  • About 20,000 (and 25,000 online) manufacturers and distributors
  • Proprietary preparations from 43 countries and regions
  • Nearly 700 disease reviews, with references from the published literature
  • Information to enable identification of medicines, the local equivalent and the manufacturer
  • Herbals, diagnostic agents, radiopharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical excipients, toxins, and poisons as well as drugs and medicines.

Improvements to the 38th edition of Martindale include:

  • Pages completely redesigned to improve readability
  • Layout of the monographs restructured with greater prominence to uses and administration
  • Over 200 new monographs
  • Increased coverage of proprietary preparations now covers 43 countries and regions, including China
  • Porphyria abstracts extensively revised

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From the reviews of the previous edition

"...a key reference to turn to for reputable, referenced information in order to identify products and check precautions, contraindications or interactions. However, apart from the extensive international coverage, the therapeutic, phamacokinetic and pharmaceutical information itself is extensive, reliable and yet concise enough to make it readable - you can find the information you want simply. In this electronic age, is the hard-copy book still useful? Absolutely. The 37th edition includes a new multilingual dictionary of many pharmaceutical terms, invaluable for those foreign visitors..."
Bob Buckham, Manager, Clinical Pharmacy and Continuing Education Programmes, PSNZ/NZCP, PSNZ/NZCPPSNZ e-newsletter

"This edition...continues the tradition of previous Martindales in providing health professionals with unbiased, evaluated information on drugs used worldwide...Martindale provides information and monographs on herbal medicines, diagnostic agents, radiopharmaceuticals, toxins and poisons, which is unlikely to be included in other pharmaceutical references making it a unique resource...It remains a valuable resource of current, unbiased information on pharmaceuticals for pharmacists and other health professionals."
Helen Trenerry, Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital, Australian Prescriber 34(6) Dec 2011

"the clear advantage of Martindale is the synopsis of encyclopedic facts on drugs in a concise form that would otherwise require a long literature and/or data base search. Furthermore, the work contains dosing schemes and other information that cannot be found easily elsewhere...the 37th edition of Martindale is THE standard desk reference providing comprehensive, encyclopedic facts on drugs including global coverage of proprietary products"
Gerhard K.E. Scriba, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Jena, Chromatographia, July 2011

Five star rating.
'Prospective data collection and references to guidelines and standards make the information in this 37th edition evidence-based and current...This remains the standard reference for international drug product information and is reliable, accurate, and complete.'
Melissa Ranieri, BS, PharmD, Doody's Reviews, 7 June 2011
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Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference



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Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference

Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference is a comprehensive and reliable reference...

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