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Minor Illness or Major Disease

Clinical Pharmacy Pocket Companion

Second edition

Edited by Alistair Howard Gray, Clinical Services Lead Pharmacist, East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust; Jane Wright, Specialist Clinical Pharmacist, Lancashire Care Foundation Trust; Lynn Bruce, Medical Assessment Unit Lead Pharmacist, East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust; and Jennifer Oakley, Antimicrobial and Critical Care Pharmacist, East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust, UK

The Clinical Pharmacy Pocket Companion is a comprehensive AZ handbook containing a range of tools, suggestions and advice for administering effective pharmaceutical care. Bringing together a wealth of information not easily found in other reference sources, it provides essential, practical data for daily use by clinical pharmacists and other healthcare professionals.

In this second edition, the entries have been rewritten and revised by specialist pharmacists and clinicians from across the UK. Over 60% of the topics are new, adding appeal for community as well as hospital pharmacists, aiding medicines optimisation across both sectors. It is an essential handy guide and aims to complement existing resources used regularly such as the British National Formulary (BNF) , and the local health economy formulary.

This book is an invaluable tool for practising pharmacists, medical staff, clinical technicians and pharmacy students, providing information on obscure problems as well as routine queries.

Clinical Pharmacy Pocket Companion




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Clinical Pharmacy Pocket Companion eBook

An A-Z eBook containing concise and practical pharmaceutical information for busy...


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