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Frequently asked questions.

Main Contacts

Pharmaceutical Press Head Office

Pharmaceutical Press
66-68 East Smithfield
London E1W 1AW
Tel: 0333 733 2570
Fax: +44 (0)20 7572 2244


Sales and Marketing

UK, Rest of World
For any Sales queries please contact:
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7572 2266

For any Marketing queries contact:

The Americas
For any Sales and Marketing queries please contact:

Permissions and Licensing


To obtain permission to reproduce PhP book content please visit the CCC website.

To request permission to use material from BNF Publications or Pharmaceutical Press Reference Works (Martindale, Stockley's, Excipients etc.), please contact us at: The response time for permission requests is around 20 working days.

To obtain permission to reproduce JPP, IJPP and FACT content, please contact Wiley-Blackwell at:

To obtain permission to reproduce PJ Publications content please contact:


Please contact with any queries around options or licensing of Pharmaceutical Press titles.



For any general publishing queries please contact:


For any queries relating to the BNF please visit the BNF website

The Pharmaceutical Journal

For enquiries regarding different sections of The Pharmaceutical Journal, refer to the list on the leader page of the publication, or go to

Further information

Information and contacts for authors

Booksellers contacts


For general production queries please contact:

For queries from freelancers seeking work please contact:

For queries about submission of articles to IJPP, JPP, JPHSR and FACT please refer to Wiley Blackwell.


Website Feedback

Please contact with any feedback on the website.

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