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Frequently asked questions.

Main Contacts

Pharmaceutical Press Head Office

Pharmaceutical Press
66-68 East Smithfield
London E1W 1AW
Tel: 0333 733 2570
Fax: +44 (0)20 7572 2244


Sales and Marketing

UK, Rest of World

For any Sales queries please contact:
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7572 2266

For any Marketing queries contact:

The Americas
For any Sales and Marketing queries please contact:

Permissions and Licensing

To obtain permission to reproduce a Pharmaceutical Press book content please visit the CCC website.

To request permission to use material from BNF Publications or Pharmaceutical Press Reference Works (Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference , Stockley's Drug Interactions, Handbook of Pharmaceutical Excipients etc.), please contact us at: The response time for permission requests is around 20 working days.

To obtain permission to reproduce PJ Publications content please contact:


Please contact with any queries around options or licensing of Pharmaceutical Press titles.



For any general publishing queries please contact:


For any queries relating to the BNF please visit the BNF website

Further information

Information and contacts for authors

Booksellers contacts


For general production queries please contact:

For queries from freelancers seeking work please contact:

Website Feedback

Please contact with any feedback on the website.

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