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Welcome to the April BNF eNewsletter.

In this month's issue you'll find information about the new monographs and NICE technology appraisals added to BNF and BNF for Children. It also includes a reminder about drug-class monographs, and the use of flags in the print editions of BNF Publications. We discuss updated guidance on the management of asthma in adults and children, and introduce the What's new in BNF 71? interactive PDF learning programme available from CPPE.

Kind regards,
BNF Team
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Significant changes
This month's changes to the clinical content of these publications are described in three parts:

• BNF & BNFC update should be read by all users of the BNF or BNF for Children
• BNF update should be read by all users of the BNF
• BNFC update should be read by all users of the BNF for Children
BNF 67

BNF & BNFC update

Asthma: updated guidance on management
This treatment summary discusses the management of asthma, including the stepwise approach to managing chronic asthma, the management of acute asthma, exercise-induced asthma, and asthma in pregnancy and breast-feeding. The evidence grading for recommendations in this content is displayed on MedicinesComplete. This guidance is based on the Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network and British Thoracic Society guidelines for the management of asthma. For further information, see asthma.

Cholic acid: new monograph
Cholic acid is the predominant primary bile acid in humans, which can be used to provide a source of bile acid. It is licensed for the treatment of inborn errors of primary bile acid synthesis in adults and children, and should be initiated by a specialist. For further information, see cholic acid.

BNF update

Tafluprost with timolol: new monograph
Tafluprost with timolol is licensed for the treatment of raised intra-ocular pressure in open-angle glaucoma in adult patients and ocular hypertension in adult patients (when a beta-blocker or prostaglandin analogue alone is not adequate). For further information, see Tafluprost with timolol.

Dasabuvir: new monograph
Dasabuvir is a non-nucleoside inhibitor of the hepatitis C virus polymerase NS5B, which is an essential component of the hepatitis C virus replication process. It is licensed for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C infection of genotype 1 in adult patients, in combination with other antiviral drugs (ombitasvir with paritaprevir and ritonavir, with or without ribavirin). For further information, see Dasabuvir.

Ombitasvir with paritaprevir and ritonavir: new monograph
The combination of Ombitasvir with paritaprevir and ritonavir is licensed for the treatment of adult patients with chronic hepatitis C infection of genotype 1 (in combination with dasabuvir, with or without ribavirin) or genotype 4 (in combination with ribavirin). For further information, see Ombitasvir with paritaprevir and ritonavir.

NICE technology appraisals
A number of NICE technology appraisals have been added to the BNF this month, including:
Ombitasvir with paritaprevir and ritonavir (Viekirax®), with or without dasabuvir, for treatment of chronic hepatitis C;
Olaparib for maintenance treatment of relapsed, platinum-sensitive, BRCA mutation-positive ovarian, fallopian tube, and peritoneal cancer after response to second-line or subsequent platinum-based chemotherapy; and
Secukinumab (Cosentyx®) for the treatment of plaque psoriasis.
Other changes
To review other changes in the BNF, click on changes.

BNFC update

To review changes in BNFC, click on changes.

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Reminder - BNF 71 out now! BNF 71
The new print edition of BNF has now published. Updated and revalidated, BNF 71 will help you prescribe the most effective drugs and minimise the risks, improve your patient care and comply with best practice.

We've been listening to your feedback - and improvements to the new edition include:

A complete review of the indexing, including many new entries to help you locate content more easily
More information included in 'prescribing and dispensing', helping you select products more easily
The second colour on the book pages has changed back to the blue you prefer
We've made changes to preparations following your feedback
A number of design features have been added and improved to aid navigation around pages
Find out more and order your copy here.

Print editions: reminder about the use of flags to indicate drug-class monographs
In the print editions of BNF Publications, where there is common information relating to a class of drugs the shared properties are contained in a drug-class monograph. Drug-class monographs are highlighted by a circled flag symbol beside the title of the drug-class monograph.

Beta-adrenocoptor blockers Atenolol

The corresponding individual drug monographs usually follow the drug-class monograph, and are highlighted by a non-circled flag symbol. For example, the monograph for atenolol will display a flag, indicating that the drug-class monograph for Beta-adrenoceptor blockers (systemic) should be consulted in tandem.

For more information, see How to use BNF publications in print in the preface of the current print publications.

What's new in BNF 71? CPPE
An interactive PDF learning programme outlining the significant changes in BNF 71 will be available from CPPE in the coming month and can be found here.

Corrections and Clarifications
Reminder - to keep up to date with clarifications, corrections and updates to BNF Publications, go to

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Monthly price update reminder
Prices of all branded medicinal products in the BNF and BNFC are now updated monthly. Prices of generic preparations of medicinal products are updated every 2-4 months, to coincide with print editions of BNF and BNF for Children. The BNF team keeps price information up to date using data sourced from the NHS dictionary of medicines and devices (dm+d).

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Drug Safety Update
Drug Safety UpdateDrug Safety Update is a monthly newsletter from the MHRA and Commission on Human Medicine. Please follow this link to review this month's Drug Safety Update.

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