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News - 17 Apr 2013

An interview with Joy Wingfield


Dale and Appelbe's Pharmacy and Medicines LawJoy WingfieldPharmaceutical Press talks to Joy Wingfield, author of the bestselling Dale and Appelbe's Pharmacy and Medicines Law.


Pharmaceutical Press:  Congratulations on the publication of the Pharmaceutical Press bestseller Dale and Appelbe's Pharmacy and Medicines Law.  We are now in the 10th edition of your book - what do you think underpins the success of this book?

Joy Wingfield:  It's a niche textbook on a niche subject. Other law textbooks do not usually address medicines law and professional regulation textbooks have a very broad scope. Dale and Appelbe uniquely brings together both topics in one publication.

Pharmaceutical Press:  Readers and course tutors will recognise that the title has changed slightly for this edition - could you explain the significance of this?

Joy Wingfield:  Our new title more accurately describes the contents. As the significance of ethical literacy has grown with expanding pharmacy practice, the topic of ethics and professionalism warrants separate examination which is attempted in a sister publication, Pharmacy Ethics and Decision Making.

Pharmaceutical Press:  Can you tell me what else is new for the 10th edition?

Joy Wingfield:  The chapters on medicines law now reflect the 2012 consolidation and review; the chapters on professional regulation are completely new to reflect the advent of the GPhC and the NHS chapter anticipates the structural changes expected in April 2013.

Pharmaceutical Press:  Pharmacy law and regulation have undergone a number of substantial changes since the ninth edition of the book in 2009. Which do you think are the most significant and why?

Joy Wingfield:  In 2009, we really did not know how exactly the split of the former RPSGB would be accomplished. Four years on, the two resultant bodies are already very different and the 10th edition can now examine the workings of the GPhC in considerable detail.

Pharmaceutical Press:  I understand that law and ethics are required subjects on all pharmacy degrees, how important do you think it is for students to have full knowledge of pharmacy law?

Joy Wingfield:  I believe students must accept that pharmacy law is one of those subjects where basic information just has to be learned by heart so as to be readily available in their heads in everyday practice. Simplification is best done by their lecturers and in revision resources but there is a need for a comprehensive and detailed textbook to present the full complexity of the law. Dale and Appelbe aims to meet that need.

Pharmaceutical Press:  And I know you currently teach this subject - do you have any advice to share with lecturers teaching this module?

Joy Wingfield:  The syllabus/learning outcomes for this area of the MPharm are common to all courses. Much effort could be spared and greater consistency achieved if lecturers shared with each other their approaches to teaching and assessing this subject area. It is a matter of regret to me that the APPLET project which was designed to do just this seems to have fallen by the wayside since I relinquished its management.

Pharmaceutical Press:  And finally, what do you enjoy doing when you are not writing about or teaching all things pharmacy law?

Joy Wingfield:  Principally semi-retirement allows me to take many more holidays than before, to indulge in a healthier lifestyle with badminton, tap dancing and yoga classes in the daytime - and at last to have enough time to read the newspaper properly!


The 10th edition of Dale and Appelbe's Pharmacy and Medicines Law will be published in May.  Order your copy now!


Joy Wingfield is Honorary Professor of Pharmacy Law and Ethics, University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK.
Gordon E. Appelbe is a Former Independent Pharmaceutical and Legal Consultant, London, UK.

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