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News - 13 Jun 2013

BNF for Children 2013-2014 available for pre-orders

The BNF for Children 2013-2014 is now available to pre-order. Access to the latest edition of the BNFC is vital for healthcare professionals, as there are a large number of updates from one edition to the next.

Some of the significant changes in this edition include:

  • Changes to the criteria that define paracetamol overdose included in Emergency Treatment of Poisoning
  • NICE guidance on the use of omalizumab for severe persistent allergic asthma in children 6 years and over
  • Advice on prescribing adrenaline auto-injectors for anaphylaxis by brand name only to ensure patients and carers receive the device they have been trained to use
  • Important advice on the prescribing of caffeine; caffeine doses are now expressed in terms of caffeine citrate only

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