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Martindale 39e

News - 17 Feb 2015

PharmPress donates over 5,000 books to charity

Pharmaceutical Press will donate around 5,500 of its titles to charities working overseas.Packing books for charities

We will supply new and used copies of four titles to the Pharmaid, Book Aid International and Saltram Rotary Overseas Project Team charities.

The titles include the British National Formulary (BNF), BNF for Children 2013-14, Stockley's Pocket Companion 2014, and Martindale 37 edition. The donated titles are new, overstocked copies that would otherwise have been pulped.

The charities will distribute the books to libraries, pharmacists, doctors and other health professionals in Cameroon, Dominica, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Guyana, Kosovo, Palestine, Somalia and Somaliland, South Sudan, St Lucia and Trinidad & Tobago.

Each year, Pharmaid distributes 5,000-8,000 recently outdated copies of the BNF to 45 Commonwealth developing countries.

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