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News - 23 Jun 2010

Pharmaceutical Press and University of the Sciences partner to publish Remington

Pharmaceutical Press, in collaboration with Philadelphia College of Pharmacy at University of the Sciences, will publish Remington: The Science and Practice of Pharmacy. The 22nd edition of the reference work will take advantage of online delivery for the first time in its publication.

Recognized as a definitive reference on the science and practice of pharmacy, Remington has been associated with University of the Sciences since its first publication by Professor Joseph Remington in 1886. Today, the text is widely used in education, healthcare and corporate settings, and is viewed in North America as the authority in pharmaceutics and therapeutics.

Pharmaceutical Press will be developing the Remington text and revitalizing its delivery to bring it up to date in terms of both content and functionality, introducing a digital version for the first time. The Remington brand will also be brought to the international market and extended via the development of online educational material prepared specifically to work alongside the discipline's leading texts and course management systems.

Robert Bolick, Managing Director of Pharmaceutical Press, said: "The chance to work with University of the Sciences to raise the bar in this field by updating Remington: the Science and Practice of Pharmacy and bringing it online for the first time is tremendous. Pharmaceutical Press is delighted to bring Remington under the same roof as Martindale: the Complete Drug Reference, published for the Royal Pharmaceutical Society since 1883. We are looking forward to working with University of the Sciences on this great source of practical and scientific knowledge in healthcare."

Lisa A. Lawson, Dean of Philadelphia College of Pharmacy at USciences, commented: "Remington is an essential reference in its field and a legacy of which we are justifiably proud. This work formed the foundation of education in pharmacy practice and pharmaceutics in the U.S." Jill A. Pfeiffenberger, Assistant Dean of Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, added: "We are excited by the new digital direction the product will assume and confident that this collaboration will ensure that high quality information continues to reach those that rely on Remington's expert content."

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