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News - 23 May 2014

Pre-reg students speak about ONtrack

We asked a number of pre-reg students to compare ONtrack with other available MCQ websites. Here is what you told us.

1) Your favourite features unique to ONtrack

"High quality questions endorsed by RPS"

"One of the biggest advantages of ONtrack (over other competitor sites) other than feeling I could trust the questions more, was the statistics and ability to review your previous sessions"

"a lot of questions available which are well written with a good layout and give the impression that a lot of time has gone into ensuring the questions are accurate"

"very professional looking and endorsed by RPS"

2) The variable timer available for the questions

"As a pre-reg, and having attempted various mock exams, I understand that timing is a key issue for many pre-regs and therefore this tool is invaluable"

3) The ability to choose how many questions you answer

"The website has a great mix of questions relevant to the GPhC syllabus where you can select how many questions you want to attempt at a time"

4) Breakdown and statistics

"The breakdown within the statistics is valuable to help identify specific areas of weakness"

You have asked for:

  • The ability to answer more than 50 questions at a time (coming soon!)
  • Even more questions (more questions are added constantly and older ones reviewed and updated)
  • Ability to search by question topic - Okay - we'll add it asap!

Keep the feedback coming and good luck in your exam.  Visit to learn more.

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