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Hospital Pre-registration Pharmacist Training

First edition

Aamer Safdar and Shirley Ip - Senior Pharmacist for Education and Development, RPSGB Preregistration Tutor

Provides a practical explanation for undergraduates and pre-registration trainees on what to expect from a hospital pre-registration pharmacist training programme.

With tips, hints, past experiences and anecdotes from the authors in their roles as pre-registration tutors, this accessible book provides encouragement and guidance throughout the pre-registration process. Many areas are covered, including:
  • getting to know your workplace, your tutor and team
  • looking for your first job
  • preparing for the registration exam
  • making the transition from student to professional
  • finding specialist placements.

Read our interview with author Aamer Safdar for more tips.

The fourth title in the Tomorrow's Pharmacists series, Hospital Pre-registration Pharmacist Training will be a valuable resource for pharmacy undergraduate students, hospital pre-registration trainees and hospital pre-registration tutors.

Hospital Pre-registration Pharmacist Training is also available as an eBook.

Hospital Pre-registration Pharmacist Training




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