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Traditional Medicine

A global perspective

First edition

Edited by Steven B Kayne - Honorary Consultant Pharmacist, Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital; Honorary Lecturer, University of Strathclyde School of Pharmacy, Glasgow, UK

The World Health Organization has acknowledged that the majority of people living in developing countries continue to use traditional medicine. Increased levels of immigration and migration also mean that health professionals are more likely to come into contact with patients using them.

Traditional Medicine is therefore a vital and timely book which covers medical systems practised on five continents, including:
  • traditional European folk medicine
  • Aboriginal/traditional medicine in North America
  • traditional medicine in the Colombian Amazon Tropical forest
  • traditional medical practice in Africa
  • traditional Chinese medicine
  • Indian Ayurvedic medicine
  • Japanese Kampo medicine
  • Korean medicine
  • traditional medicines in the Pacific
  • traditional Jewish medicine

Each section, written by an acknowledged expert, gives information on history, philosophy, methods of practice, safety issues, evidence, and examples of medicines.

Traditional Medicine is a crucial resource for complementary and alternative practitioners and students worldwide. It enables healthcare providers working in a multicultural society to interact effectively with their patients.

Traditional Medicine is also available as an eBook.

Traditional Medicine




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