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Essentials of Pharmacy Management

Second edition

Dennis H. Tootelian - Professor of Marketing, College of Business Administration, California State University; Albert I. Wertheimer - Professor of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmacy Practice, Temple University School of Pharmacy; and Andrey Mikhailitchenko - Assistant Professor of Marketing, College of Business Administration, California State University.

Essentials of Pharmacy Management is an accessible introduction to management in an increasingly business-oriented environment. It provides a jump-start to leadership roles and career advancement.

This textbook provides pharmacy students with an understanding of business processes used, and how those processes impact their practice of pharmacy in providing patient care. The material provides those who aspire to become managers in healthcare organizations with a foundation of how to manage in an environment that is focused on "the business of healthcare." For pharmacists who prefer not to move into management positions, the book explains how and why business decisions are made relative to practice.

Written in an easy-to-use and understandable form, the text is direct and to the point, focussing on the basics of good business practice. Special features include cases that allow students to apply what they have learned in the chapters to business situations within the context of various practice settings.

Essentials of Pharmacy Management provides all the valuable management information required in one reference; useful today and in the years ahead.

Essentials of Pharmacy Management is also available as an ebook.

Essentials of Pharmacy Management





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