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Martindale 39e

Tablet and Capsule Machine Instrumentation

First edition

Edited by Peter Ridgway Watt - Formerly Beecham Pharmaceuticals Research Division, SmithKlineBeecham Pharmaceuticals, UK and N Anthony Armstrong - Formerly Welsh School of Pharmacy, Cardiff University, UK

Tablet and Capsule Machine Instrumentation is a practical guide to the techniques and applications of instrumentation used in the tabletting or capsule filling process.

A combination of a sound formulation with a proper control of the tabletting or capsule filling process is necessary to produce a satisfactory tablet or capsule. These considerations require accurate measurements. The text provides a sound understanding of the principles and techniques involved, and of how data generated by instrumented machines can be applied to problems in pharmaceutical research, development and manufacture.

Topics covered include:
  • the measurement of force
  • the installation of strain gauges
  • the measurement of displacement
  • power supplies and data acquisition
  • instrumented tablet presses
  • calibration of transducer systems
  • data handling
  • applications of tablet press instrumentation
  • the instrumentation of capsule filling machinery
  • automatic control of tablet presses in a production environment.
This is an invaluable guide for pharmaceutical scientists and academics involved in pharmaceutical technology research.
Tablet and Capsule Machine Instrumentation




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