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Non-Prescription Medicines Fifth Edition

Non-prescription Medicines is the only publication in the UK that deals with available OTC medicines comprehensively and in depth.

The new edition has been revised and updated to reflect amendments in legal category status of several products from Prescription-only (POM) to Pharmacy sale (P) status.

Over-the-counter (OTC) medicines currently available in the UK are reviewed in alphabetically arranged chapters on the conditions that they are licensed to treat. 42 common conditions are covered and includes a new chapter on erectile dysfunction.

Each chapter includes:

an introduction to the condition
detailed description of the available products, including side-effects, cautions and contraindications,
interactions and dosage
product selection points
product recommendations

Non-Prescription Medicines will enable you to make well-informed recommendations and give sound advice to your patients.
Non-Prescription Medicines Fifth Edition

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