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Drugs in Use

Case Studies for Pharmacists and Prescribers

Sixth Edition

Drugs in Use helps you bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge about medicines and its practical application to patients.

The new sixth edition of this popular text has been extensively revised and includes seven new chapters on atrial fibrillation, chronic asthma, chronic pain, sepsis in adults, sepsis in children, deprescribing and supporting adherence.

The use of self-study questions and answers to accompany each case helps to challenge you to consider the many options often available when drug-therapy decisions are made.

Whenever appropriate, the patient journey is followed across primary and secondary care, reflecting the fact that many chronic conditions are now managed predominantly in primary care. Optimising medicines to ensure only what is needed and what is acceptable to the patient is prescribed is a significant challenge for newly qualified healthcare professionals.

This book demonstrates how to apply the knowledge and skills acquired from pharmacology texts and formal learning. It is a valuable resource not only for students, but also for pharmacists and new prescribers.

Linda J Dodds, BPharm, PG Cert (HE), MSc (ClinPharm), FRPharmS

Kay M G Wood, BSc, DipClinPharm, PhD, PG Cert (HE), FHEA, MRPharmS

Drugs in Use

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